Sashay, Shante.

One of the few non-reality shows that I do watch is Glee. It’s been really annoying that it hasn’t been on in a while, but today I saw a commercial and US magazine posted pictures of the cast in makeup for when they do Thriller by Michael Jackson in the next episode, so I’m doing much better. It’s going to air immediately after the Superbowl on February 6 and they are singing Yeah Yeah Yeah’s too so I’m even more super-pumped. I get really excited when my favorite bands let Glee use their music.

This may seem a little deep for me, but this is more than just a show for me. I think this is the best show on television, in that it has a message in every episode that I hope kids are listening to. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be a teenager these days. I didn’t have Facebook or cell phones. We had pagers (remember writing, 4311 or hell upsidedown, or 80087355 as boobless?) and email came into play my junior year of high school, but barely used it.. but we thought growing up was hard. We got nothing on kids in school now. Kids these days have so many new ways for bullies to stress their dislike and I love that this show takes on topics that might stick out to someone who feels like no one else can relate. The Lady Gaga episode from Season 2 is by far my favorite episode of any show I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Yes I said it. More than the episode where Jessie takes the caffeine pills in Saved by the Bell. Sad, but true.

In that episode they address the use of the word ‘fag’. I grew up knowing a lot of gay people, I was a Women Studies major in college – which is more about being a humanist than a feminist, have LGBT friends through my major and in volunteer-work after college. That word does not sit well with me. I hope when they explained the meaning of what it stands for, that kids were listening to how damaging it can be.

I love that they chose Lady Gaga music-wise for that episode because she’s someone who is who she is but does what she does as an example that you too, should be who are, whoever/whatever that means because there ARE people who are just like you, whether you think so or not. If you think you don’t want to do something because you are afraid that it will be viewed negatively, her message is that, you can’t forget about the people who recognize it positively too. So, I’m goo-goo for Gaga and all that she stands for.

So back to the music: I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s in a free concert at City Hall Plaza in 2006 and went from like to love really quickly. But now that they are allowing Glee to use their music, my love is infinite. I am probably wrong, but I take bands/artists songs being on Glee as a way of showing support of everything that this show is about. And I love it. Anything that can make my gays feel love, will feel love from me.

Speaking of gay!

RuPaul’s Drag Race

My sister, Kathy, actually turned me onto this show and man am I glad she did!  Second to giving me Burger King gift cards for Christmas last year, this is the best present she’s ever given me. If you haven’t seen this show in the past, the new season just started and you need to get with it. This episode they had to go into a thrift store and get stuff to win the Christmas Costume Challenge. Naturally, the queen who can’t stop crying thinking she’s going to fail is the one who wins. Condragulations! I felt bad for him/her, she was bigger and had to just buy draping fabric and not actual clothes. So God love her, she was hysterical. But I soon forgot about everything else when they started doing their makeup. I seriously need a drag queen to do my makeup or teach me how. They are so pretty. I don’t get it. What did they learn that I didn’t? Miah could not believe what RuPaul looked like as a man, since he’s only ever known him as a drag queen. They do look completely different, and actually, as a man Ru looks sickly anorexic but as a woman, he looks like a perfect 10. Putting actual females to shame. Damn you, RuPaul!

They had to settle the tie with the “Sing for your Life” lip sync. It got violent and in the end, Venus went home. Sashay away, Venus Delite.

Teen Mom 2

I’ll keep this quick. Chelsea’s dad is the man. He’s so nice to her and I love their relationship. I can’t wait til he finds out that she is back with Adam. Who by the way, did anyone notice… he has a barbed wire tattoo on his arm?? Maybe it takes 15 years for the word to work it’s way down to the South that those aren’t cool anymore, but hey Adam, those aren’t cool anymore. You have the same tattoo as Pamela Anderson. Macho.

Kailyn. WTF. I know you’re young but you didn’t think having a boyfriend while living in your ex-boyfriend’s house when you guys have been broken up for only 3 weeks would be a problem. You’re dumb. I know when you’re a mom, you do what you have to do for what your baby’s needs are, but is sitting on a public restroom floor indian style while changing your baby’s diaper nasty or am I just a germaphobe? Ewww.

So excited for Jenelle to have hickeys next week!

Moral of the Story: Be who you are, but just don’t have a barbed wire tattoo.

Just a Thought: Prince William and Kate sent Save the Date faxes. I’m obsessed.

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