Men Bands.

I’m kind of pissed that the New Kids and BSB are playing at Fenway. My girlfriends and I already bought tickets for the Garden show. They could have AT LEAST given us a heads up so we could have had the opportunity to buy Fenway first. Don’t they know fragile hearts are on the line? I mean, chances are I’m going to cave and buy tickets for the Fenway show too but it’s shaping up to be a pretty expensive year and it’s only January. We’ve got the cruise coming a month from today, I’ll be going to Nashville to see our friend Nancy run her 3rd marathon in the Spring, and then we have 8 weddings lined up already so, showers, bachelorettes, wedding checks, etc. It’s expensive to be in your 20’s, I need a raise.

Regardless, I’m super pumped for the NKOTBSB concert. I never saw NKOTB when I was little and wasn’t completely into BSB when I was in high school, but I think this is going to be fun. Since NKOTB got back together to make a fortune round two, I’ve seen them 3 times – I’ve completely helped them in their mission to make bank and also made up for my parents depriving me of pure joy when I was a little girl. I was so pissed when I’d have a sleepover at a friends house and they had all the New Kids bedding. Bullshit. I’m still not over it. They should make NKOTBSB bedding for this tour, although my boyfriend might not go for it. Not that I’m complaining but I’d prefer it if they toured with N’Sync and then I would 100% buy that bedding, whether if forces me to be single or not. If it was NKOTB and N’Sync, I’d have a ‘I Used to be Fat’ life size rip-away countdown calendar on my wall.

The day after skiing MLK weekend, we were all sitting around and our friend Phil said he had a surprise for me. He found the NKOTB 1989 HBO premiere of Hanging Tough Live on VHS, which naturally, I sat and watched like a zombie. Then I got to thinking, I never had a favorite New Kid when I was little, not even now. I like them all equally, even Danny. My whole life I have felt bad that he had the stigmata as the ugly one. I decided then and there that I would base my love on what this VHS told me about who had the better rat tail. There is a lot to judge a rat tail by: volume, thickness, length. I really have to say it was a close disgusting decision that had me torn between Danny and Jordan. Jordan’s was super-long, and same thickness from top to bottom. Danny’s tapered which was gross. Reminder: we’re talking about rat tails, people. But the winner is Jordan because if f I were sitting on a train and and a rodent scurried by my leg, I think I’d scream louder if it had Jordan’s tail rather than Danny’s. That and you can tell he put more effort into growing and grooming it. So my love is Jordan now. I’ll have to buy a t-shirt.

God, I love it when boy bands merge with boy bands to become men bands.

Kourtney & Kim take NY

A good portion of that episode made me feel uncomfortable. Scott in general. Kayne West in general. Kim denying that poor kid a kiss. God, I sat on the couch looking like I smelled a dirty diaper for about 45 minutes. Miah signed up for a Twitter account right before the show and naturally is following all of the Kardashians, so not knowing how Twitter really works – anytime Kourtney or Kim posted a tweet he had to read it to me. It was cute, it was like a little kid trying to get attention, ‘lookatmelookatmelookatmelookatme’, and you’re like ‘yeahcoolyeahcoolyeahcool’, which wait, actually isn’t cute at all. No, Kourtney I am not a fan of the ‘counterclockwise boob swirl’ or your husband. Goo. I really couldn’t believe that Kim didn’t move out when Kourtney told Scott he could move back in. I’d be pissed. She didn’t even talk to her about it and Scott is an alien. But I guess she has a contract to uphold. Waah.

Where the hell is Mason?

Real Housewives of Atlanta

First things first. Kim’s friend Thomas. WTF? What was up with that house? The mannequins, the pig statues, the stuffed dog. Actually I can’t say anything.. when Henry dies, and God help those around me, but I’m so getting him stuffed and he’ll be my dining room table centerpiece. For holidays, I’m going to put different hats on him. Santa hat, bunny ears, a witch hat.

How cute is Henry??

I was disappointed in NeNe this episode. I have really grown to love her this season as I had Sheree. I feel like the two of them really grew up but this episode put NeNe back a bit for me. Clearly she is jealous of Kim’s song – which she really shouldn’t be, but don’t be a party pooper.. it’s a weekend to celebrate Cynthia’s miserable relationship and soon to be miserable marriage, don’t rain on the parade!

Kim has been grossing me out lately. The chain smoking, the sweating, the one piece of hair that is always in her eye. Eww. She looks like someone who would smell really bad too. And just as an aside, this show would suck this season without Lawrence. He’s the man, er, woman, er…well whatever he is, he IS IT.

Bad Girls Club

Poetry. This episode was pure poetry. Unfortunately, Nikki stayed but Ashley came and is spicing it up. I love it. I love how crazy they all are. One second they hate Nikki’s guts and are liking Ashley, they next they are BFF’s with Nikki, picking her clothes out of the pool and hate Ashley. I think it’s hilarious that Char is like 1 year older than everyone and thinks because she is the oldest, she runs the house. If she got in my face like she did to Nikki, was spitting ‘preciate it’, I would appreciate the sound of her weave ripping from her scalp when I yanked it with all of my might.

I definitely think Ashley is going home next week for the fight in the kitchen. Me no likey.  If these girls are going to be bullies, I’m just happy Ashley got one solid punch in. Too bad no brass knuckles.

Moral of the Story: When faced with a decision, it’s usually heads or tails. Rat tails, that is.

Just a thought: If you want to keep your snow days enjoyable, buy your landlord/father a snowblower for Christmas.

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